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Arena Of Valor Esports Game Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Strategies

Arena of Valor Esports Game(Honor of Kings in China), a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by Tencent Games and Garena, is extremely popular in Southeast Asia, and many people have been playing it on their mobile phones and consoles.

This article will help novice Arena of Valor players understand the fundamentals of a Classic 5v5 battle. From heroes and their abilities to the economics of the game, we’ve got you covered.


The objective of Classic 5v5 in Arena of Valor Esports game is to destroy the opposing base. The team that completes this task first wins.

A match typically lasts between 12 and 18 minutes.

Teams and roles

In the Arena of Valor Esports game, a team comprises five players with varying responsibilities.


The hero that absorbs all damage and often has the most health on the squad.


These melee heroes often play in the Dark Slayer lane and have strong attack and health stats (top)

They acquire experience by killing jungle monsters and conducting swindles to assist their laners in advancing.

The mid lane is the Mage’s playground. Magi have magical skills that inflict sudden devastation on foes.

— on the other side of the map

Marksman heroes

At the bottom are allocated to the Abyssal Dragon lane. Their basic attacks scale off of goods, so they often rack up the most kills throughout a fight.


These heroes assist the squad with sustenance, healing, and crowd control. They serve as babysitters for Marksman heroes in the Abyssal Dragon lane, playing a critical role in the early game.


The game’s controls are straightforward and uncomplicated. The joystick is located in the bottom left corner and is used to move heroes in any direction.

Your ‘usual attack’ button is represented as a clenched fist on the bottom right side.

Your hero’s talents are located above the standard attack button. Ultimate is the ability located above the attack button. As the player gets to experience and levels, an upgrade (+) button will appear directly above their talents, allowing them to be upgraded.

In the AoV esports game, sending signals or pings is possible. Touch the location on the map to send a message.

Map and the brush

The traditional map comprises three lanes separated by brush, jungle, and turrets.

The effect of hiding in the undergrowth allows players to share their view of an enemy hero with their teammates. AoV esports game

Each side features nine defensive towers, with three in each of the three lanes. Tier 1 towers are the farthest from the base, while Tier 3 towers are inside the base.

The team’s core is located at its base (sometimes called the nexus). The team that destroys the heart first wins the game.

Jungle monsters

There are five main jungle monsters in AoV esports game.

Killing the Abyssal Dragon will provide money and experience to the whole squad. It emerges two minutes after the start of the contest and regenerates every two minutes following death.

After 10 minutes, the Abyssal Dragon transforms into the Enraged Abyssal Dragon. Depending on the hero’s principal duties in an esports game, defeating its furious condition bestows unique bonuses.

Players that defeat the Dark Slayer will get enhanced attack damage and ability power, accelerated health and mana regeneration, and a boost to movement speed.

In addition, slaying the Dark Slayer allows players to call the Drake, which may be used to demolish and push towers. The Dark Slayer spawns in the top lane every five minutes beginning at the eight-minute mark of an esports game.

For creatures that bestow buffs, defeating Spirit Sentinel offers the player 50 health regeneration per second and 20 movement speed boost for one minute.

It is recommended for mage heroes slaying the Sage Golem grants a temporary 20% cooldown reduction and 2% mana regeneration each second.
For early-game swindles, heroes should get Might Buffs, obtained by slaying Might Golems in the esports game.

Might Buffs lower the enemy’s movement speed whenever a standard strike hits and inflict additional burn damage.

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Gaining gold

In the AoV Esports game, there are four ways to earn gold: killing opponent minions, jungle monsters, towers, and enemy heroes.

In the game, there are three sorts of minions: melee, ranged, and siege.

Melee minions are the most durable, whereas ranged minions have less health and deliver more damage. Siege minions are vehicle-mounted minions. They are the most powerful and have the most health and damage. Last-hitting enemies (giving the death blow) reward players with more gold.

Monsters in the jungle drop varying quantities of gold as their bounty rise over time.

When slain, golems yield a maximum of 140 gold, whereas lesser creatures, such as spiders and goblins, provide a maximum of 90 gold. The Abyssal Dragon rewards 120 gold when slain inside or after ten minutes.

The destruction of towers also grants players money. Buildings of Tier 1 provide 60 gold, Towers of Tier 2 provide 80 gold, and Towers of Tier 3 provide 100 gold.


Gained gold may be spent on various things that improve the hero’s statistics. There are over a hundred things to pick from, categorized as attack, magic, defense, mobility, jungle, and support.

Beginning with 300 gold, players may buy goods such as the Short Sword for +20 physical attack, the Spell Tome for +40 magic power, the Ring of Vitality for +300 maximum health, boots for increased movement speed, and even Wind and Water stones for gold and mana regeneration.

From mid-to late-game, you’ll desire stronger, more costly equipment, such as the Holy of Holies for wizards and Fenrir’s Tooth for increasing physical attack.

Some items, such as the lifestyle, must be activated for their benefits.

A player may equip six things in total. A Quick Buy button will display in the upper-right corner of the player’s screen for suggested or pre-ordered products.

Only the Quick Buy option’s components of pre-ordered goods will be presented. For instance, pre-ordering War Boots will result in the Quick Buy esports game displaying Boots of Speed and Dagger.

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