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Valorant Esports Betting Sites

When Valorant was first published in June 2020, Valorant Esports betting was almost nonexistent. It would take some time before Riot built the competitive infrastructure and more organizations learned about this new first-person shooter since it was a new game on the market.

These days, many esports betting sites already incorporate Valorant and provide a broad range of betting options for the Valorant Champions Tour. We’ll discuss some of the top Valorant betting sites, their features, and what makes them unique.


GG. Bet added Valorant on their website without delay. Today, not only do they provide the widest variety of Valorant wagers, but they also have the most competitive Valorant odds.

GG. Bet offers odds on the vast majority of Valorant Champions Tour matches, regardless of the competing territories. You may discover significant competitions like the VCT Challengers and Masters, as well as the Open Qualifier matches that precede them.

GG. Bet is one of the greatest Valorant esports betting sites, with a vast range to pick from. Whether new to Valorant gaming or a seasoned pro, here is a great spot to begin your betting adventure.


BUFF. Bet is an excellent second option for Valorant esports betting. They provide a wide variety of Valorant Champions Tour matches, and their odds are comparable to those of GG. Bet. However, they choose to concentrate on the more prominent games in Valorant, resulting in a significantly smaller range of contests.

Unique to BUFF. Bet is the presence of many live broadcasts showcasing professional Valorant players. This is a fantastic addition for lovers of Valorant esports betting, as they can put their Valorant wagers and watch Valorant activity simultaneously.


Betway is our final selection. This sportsbook offers odds on a variety of esports, including Valorant. Betway provides a fantastic Betway esports bonus for new customers, making them try Valorant esports betting for the first time.

Those who place a high value on the appearance of the betting site will not be disappointed. Betway has an intuitive and responsive interface. Moreover, you can use their betting app for your Valorant esports wagering needs. This increases your options and flexibility, allowing you to place wagers from any location.

Betway provides a wide variety of secure payment options, excellent odds, and a safe and fair betting service, making it one of the best Valorant esports betting sites.

Tips for Betting on Real Money Valorant Betting Websites

The top Valorant esports betting sites will begin offering wagers on Valorant matches as soon as the first events appear, as previously indicated. It will likely occur sometime in the autumn of 2020 if previous esports championships mean when that will happen.

Here are three things to remember that might significantly impact your first performance on Valorous esports betting sites till then.

Learn About the Gameplay

You should get familiar with the games if you want to spend a lot of time and money on Valorant esports betting sites and place significant Valorant wagers. And we’re not just talking about the fundamentals of the agents; we’re also talking about other game dynamics, including timings, angles, economics, ideal situations for using skills, etc.

There is a lot to learn about the game, and as the experts analyze it in more detail, we’re sure there will be much more.

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Explore the META

Focus on how the pros play the game once you’ve mastered the gameplay section. Examine the peculiarities of their gameplay and contrast their in-game actions, strategies, and agent choices. Certain team combinations will perform better than others, and this kind of information is always crucial from the perspective of the betting side of the transaction.

However, remember that you will only be finished with this aspect after you have learned how each team (or group of players) performs.

Assess the Game’s Esports Scene

Last but not least, in addition to adhering to the META, you should also evaluate Valorant’s esports betting scene. That calls for you to be abreast of the most recent standings, standings forms, transfers, roster adjustments, and news from the game’s competitive scene. In this manner, when you begin utilizing Valorous 4esports betting sites more regularly, you will constantly be aware of what you are up against.

Crucial Valorant Betting Apps

You’ll need two different sorts of applications on reputable gambling sites throughout your time. The first is specific gambling applications. Most major bookmakers have them. The second category includes applications for pre-bet research and analytics crawling. Details are provided below.

Valorant Betting Sites Feature Apps

Yes, several Valorous gaming websites provide specific mobile applications. That or mobile-friendly websites—the former of which is, as we all know, now popular. Valorant esports betting

What makes these applications so unique? Most of them provide all you’d anticipate from a desktop website. Some have restrictions, generally with deposit/withdrawal procedures, though they are vanishingly few as time goes on.

Apps for Betting on Valorant

Applications that assist you in getting the most out of your wagers are the second category of Valorant esports betting apps. However, we’re not only talking about applications here but also about useful websites!

Strafe Esports is the industry standard when it comes to applications! They have long been the go-to person for esports betting. They are more adaptable than ever now that they have included Valorant in their coverage too! Stats, pre-game evaluations, and in-depth debates by avid bettors and esports enthusiasts are all available on Strafe. Look into it; you’ll like it.

There is also an excellent website for all of your essential statistics requirements! It is known as very. Gg, and it functions something like HLTV for Valorant. It has comparable data, a similar appearance, and should be helpful in your valiant betting activities.

How to choose a good Valorant Betting Site

Before completely committing to a specific Valorant esports betting website, it is essential to evaluate several crucial factors.

Before placing any Valorant wagers, you must ensure that the betting site is comfortable. Examine the interface’s design to see whether you like it. You must feel at home and enjoy perusing the many areas.

Then, you should go to the esports area and examine their Valorant betting odds. When you’ve discovered many Valorant esports betting sites, compare them to see which is the best for you.

You must ensure that the Valorant betting site is licensed. You want to avoid losing money or personal information, so do your homework.

Lastly, determine if they provide Valorant bet incentives. An early deposit bonus might greatly assist if you are new to esports betting.

Gaining an Edge with Valorant wagering

We often repeat the same advice in our esports betting tips because it is always valid: get your VALORANT esports betting advantage by learning as much as possible about the game. These actions may give you a significant edge over the typical bettor if you are new to the game.

Get a sense of VALORANT’s mechanics by downloading the game for free. Learn how the firearms feel, pay attention to walk speeds, and examine the many pieces of equipment specific to each Agent.

It’s always free to watch professional VALORANT broadcasters on Twitch. Watching the stream of a highly-ranked or even pro VALORANT player is a fantastic method to learn the game.

It’s a terrific method to learn how and why certain players or teams do better than others by watching the esports competitions and listening to the play-by-play analysis and commentary from the casters.

Although the VALORANT programming does not include any esports stat monitors, your VALORANT bets do not have to be blind. VALORANT’s Liquipedia is a database of competitive VALORANT that provides thorough matchup histories and pertinent statistics.

You could know certain professional players from the Overwatch League or the CS: GO Majors due to VALORANT’s resemblance to other esports. The release of VALORANT almost divided the latter’s professional scene, and many of them have since switched. If you are acquainted with the game, you can use your Counter-Strike expertise while VALORANT esports betting.

Key Characteristics of Good Online Valorant Bookmakers

The world is about to see the mighty esports betting scene! It has been thriving since the first significant events that launched the whole esports betting sector.

We’re talking about important esports betting competitions like the first several LoL Worlds and Dota 2 The International tournaments.

In 2021, Valorant esports betting sites seemed to be more successful than ever. Some of the biggest names in the online gaming business now head what was once a small collection of online betting sites. The esports betting ecosystem caught the interest of sports betting services, which now have specialized hubs and independent categories for each significant esports title.

Low-Profit Margins

The profit margin of the Valorant bookmaker is the first item to look at. If it’s too high, go away and never go back. Selecting the incorrect online bookmaker is the worst possible start to a courageous valorant esports betting career.

Security Measures

As long as you stay with the most extensive, trustworthy online betting services, wagering on Valorant betting online is entirely safe, just like wagering on nearly every other esports game. You can be in for a few surprises if you choose a tier-B esports bookmaker with little to no security measures that don’t care about its consumers’ personal information.

Here, we’re not attempting to frighten you. We want to ensure that you sign up with a legitimate online valorant esports betting site rather than a dubious website that only wants to steal your hard-earned money. The ideal approach to choose your next bookmaker if you’re concerned you could come across such sites is to choose one from the list at the top of this page.

Plenty of Esports Betting Options

The top Valorant betting sites should offer real money wagering on all the other major esports in addition to Valorant odds and lines. Esports bookies that don’t include games like Dota 2, CS: GO, and League of Legends among their esports markets can only be considered noteworthy betting platforms if these games have excellent betting communities.

Your go-to Valorant esports betting sites should have comprehensive special coverage and a sizable selection of esports markets. In other words, be sure your bookmaker offers more than just the standard match-winner wagers. Valorant Esports betitng promotions are a fantastic method to increase enjoyment. Given the gameplay and dynamics of Valorant, there will be a ton of specials available to wager on.

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